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So I went to an anime convention recently and wore my fursuit there. It was a smashing success -- people loved the costume, I got tons of compliments, lots of hugs, and got to meet lots of people via the costume.

The only problem I had was that it wasn't cosplay. It's not actually from an anime, nor a manga, or a game. I felt the tiniest bit like a fraud for hijacking an anime convention for my personal costuming tastes.

This made me wonder whether I could do some sort of anime-themed get-up for my fursuit. I talked with a few people and we quickly settled on Naruto. It's popular, recognizable, and the martial arts background suits my doggy fursuit as well. Plus, there actually are dogs in Naruto -- the ninja dogs (ninken) who assist the ninjas.

So without further ado, here's Adrian as a ninja dog from Naruto:

So next time I go to an anime event I won't feel like a fraud anymore!

I love how he puts his foot forward first to stabilize himself, and then starts taking pictures. True professionalism.
I've missed out on another Luke Chueh "Black in White" item because it sold out before I noticed it:

Same thing happened for the t-shirt and the vinyl. It's so unfair. #whitewhine

EDIT: The laptop skin is still available at GelaSkins (the manufacturer) -- seems like it's only MunkyKing that are sold out.
I'd run if I saw that symbol. Wouldn't you?

Must ... not ... buy ... another ... t-shirt!

Ah well, who am I kidding. My mind is weak.


New shirt at woot.com. Yes, I ordered one. Click on the pic to get one. While they still have them.

So if you haven't seen Wilfred you need to do it now. It's a wonderful surreal comedy about a man, a girl, and her dog. Her pot-smoking, foul-mouthed, neurotic, insecure, manipulative dog. It was aired as an 8-episode series on SBS, based on this short film:

And why do you need to watch it? Because the Americans are about to remake it. And undoubtedly ruin it:

It'll be just like The Office. Mark my words.
Comparing the Leica Noctilux 50/0.95 to the Voigtländer Nokton 25/0.95, courtesy of this youtube comment:
totally agree; the lack of true circularity is what makes this an inferior lens to leica. Albeit the lecia lens is more money, the failure to be a true circle blade wise will always make the voigtlander second best. It's an ok lens if you don't have the money I suppose.

I especially like the verdict: "It's an ok lens if you don't have the money I suppose." Reminder: The Nokton is less than 1000$, the Noctilux sells for more than 10 times as much. (It's currently listed at B&H at $10,495.) Maybe that's one small reason to settle for second-best...
I knew the martial arts training would pay off at some point.


This is the plaque outside of the Department of the Taoiseach. The Taoiseach (pronounced "Tee-shock") is the Irish prime minister. What I find peculiar about this plaque is not that the spelling seems to have absolutely nothing to do with the way the word is pronounced -- that is pretty much standard for Irish.

It's that the Irish and the English version of the inscription have two different spellings for "Taoiseach".